Streaming Video / Audio Performance Testing
Vids365 is developed for testing streaming video and audio performance by simulating client/media players and providing us specific statistics related to the quality of video and audio playback. Streaming media needs a lot of resources and broadband access to the Internet. Vids365 helps to emulate different situations and test performance of video streams on various speeds.
Does not require user attention!
Vids365 automatically emulates video playback in your browser to perform load and speed tests. It does not require user attention and does not use a lot of system resources, which means that it does not affect user experience
Assessment with usage of different factors!
Vids365 measures end user experience in different ways. It becomes easier to deliver progressive download since we use media performance metrics like lag length and media quality metrics like bitrate. It checks both: device and browser metrics under load. If a user has a poor network connection with progressive downloads, the player will not be able to properly queue the content.

In case of an adaptive streaming, it checks buffer fill and play length. Also, there are some other KPI to monitor with other metrics, like average bitrate and start up time.

These metrics will give a detailed information that help to dive into streaming services deeper.

Know the limits!
One of the most important things to know about streaming services is their limits or how many users a server can handle. Vids365 checks the dynamics at a different time and provide rich load tests according to it.
Performance validation of many online media:
  • Support for all streaming protocols
  • Automated choosing of a bitrate rate
  • Low system requirements